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Sadly it has come to our notice that the following have passed away:

Mr Dennis Fowler OBE, a former Counsellor in the FCO, on 20 April 2015

Miss Florence Grace Cowley MBE, on 19 February 2015

Margaret, Lady Keeble (wife of the late Sir Curtis), on 15 December 2014

Mr Michael Peart CMG LVO, on 2 April 2015

Sheila, Lady Arculus (wife of Sir Ronald), on 15 March 2015

Miss Joyce Veasey OBE, a former First Secretary, on 3 February 2015

Mrs Hazel Brooke-Turner (widow of the Late Alan Brooke-Turner), on 11 March 2015

Mr Peter Roberts OBE, on 24 February 2015

Mr Arthur Wyatt CMG, a former High Commissioner to Ghana, 1987-89, on 4 March 2015

Mr Geoffrey Whittaker OBE, a former Governor of Anguilla, 1987-89, on 24 February 2015

Sir Derek Day KCMG, a former Chief Clerk, on 7 March 2015

Mr William (Bill) Rymer, formerly CTSD), on 20 February 2015

Mrs Marion Mayne (wife of Ted), on 6 February 2015

Sir Robert Wade-Gery KCMG KCVO, a former High Commissioner to India, on 16 February 2015

Mr Kenneth East CMG, a former Ambassador to Iceland, on 20 June 2014

Mr William (Norman) Hillier-Fry CMG, a former High Commissioner to Uganda, on 11 January 2015

Mr Donald Milddleton CBE, a former High Commissioner to PNG, on 21 January 2015

Mrs Auriol Almond (wife of Clive), on 22 December 2014

Mr Patrick John Fox Barrett OBE, on 6 January 2015

Mr Peter Pendleton, a former First Secretary, on 24 December, 2014

Mr Terence Grady MBE, a former Ambassador to Gabon on 27 October 2014

Mr Stanley Stephenson CMG, a former CG Vancouver (1983-86) on 23 December 2014

Miss Mary Walker, on 17 December 2014

Mr Geoffrey Dibble, on 17 December 2014

Mr Howard Fisher (husband of Marie Fisher), on 22 August 2014

Mrs Catherine Hughes CMG, on 10 December 2014

Mrs Wendy Kyle (wife of Michael) on 1 December 2014

Mrs Doris Hutson (wife of John Hutson OBE), on 29 November 2014

Mr David Brierley, on 28 November 2014

Miss Wilma Beveridge MBE, a former S1, on 28 November 2014

Mr Peter Wescombe, a former Second Secretary, on 25 November 2014

Mr Hugo Herbert-Jones, (date unknown)

Mrs Pamela McKearney (wife of Philip), on 29 August 2014

Mr Peter Kinsella MBE, a former First Secretary, on 8 November 2014

Sir Anthony Reeve KCMG KCVO, a former High Commission to the South Africa, 1991-96, on 6 November 2014

Mr Peter Maxey CMG, a former Ambassador to the UN 1984-86, on 25 October 2014

Mr Selby Johns, a former Counsellor, on 19 october 2014

Mrs Joyce Bentley (nee Anthony), a former PA, on 28 October 2014

Mr B M (Mike) Dixon, on 17 October 2014

Mrs Jane Scrivener, widow of Mr Ronald Scrivener CMG, on 20 September 2014

Miss Dorothy Hewitt MBE, on 4 September 2014

Mr Peter Carter (whilst en poste in Lagos), on 2 September 2014

Sally Morphet CMG, a former Principal Research Officer, on 22 April 2014

Sir Leonard Figg KCMG, on 11 August 2014

Mr Philip Williams, on 22 August 2014

Mr Simon Featherstone CMG, a former High Commissioner to Malaysia (2010 - 2014) on 26 August 2014

Mrs Annalisa Rellie, wife of Alastair Rellie, on 12 February 2014

Mrs Elizabeth Houssemayne du Boulay, wife of Roger, on 11 August 2014

Mr Eric Fearne, in July 2014 (precise date unknown)

Mr John Macphail on 3 July 2014

Miss Joy Bone on 30 July 2014

Sir John Freeland KCMG QC, a former Legal Adviser 1984-87, on 29 June 2014

Lady (Peggy) Moreton, widow of Sir John Moreton, on 30 June 2014

Lady (Anthoula) Gray, widow of Sir John Gray, on 15 July 2014

Sir Alec Stirling KBE CMG, a former Ambassador to Sudan 1984-86, on 16 July 2014

Mrs Anthea Finlayson (nee Perry), wife of George Finlayson, on 18 July 2014

Mr Alex Robertson, on 23 July 2014

Miss Betty Moore, on 24 July 2014

Mr Kenneth East CMG, a former Ambassador to Iceland, on 20 June 2014

Mrs June Penn, on 25 February 2014

Lady (Pauline, known as Polly) Duff, widow of Sir Antony Duff, on 12 July 2014

Mr Royston Springett, on 27 June 2014

Ian Whitehead, a former High Commissioner to Guyana, on 11 July 2014 

Mr Dennis Cooper OBE, on 21 June 2014

Mr Anthony Clarke MVO, a former First Secretary, on 17 June 2014

Mr Donald Cape CMG CBE, a former UKRep to the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (1978), on 16 June 2014

Mr Richard Burgess Watson, a former Ambassador to Kathmandu, on 2 June 2014

Mr Timothy (Tim) David, a former High Commissioner to Lusaka (2002), on 12 May 2014

Mrs Catherine (Kay) Ceurvorst (wife of Paul), on 2 May 2014

Miss Doris Garton MBE, on 7 May 2014

Mr Charles Wallace CMG CVO, a former Ambassador to Uruguay from 1983-86, on 20 April 2014

Mrs Cecelia Pratt (wife of Mr John Pratt), on 1 March 2014

Mr Peter Gautrey CMG CVO, on 7th February 2014

Mr William (Bill) Peters CMG LVO MBE, a former High Commissioner to Malawi (1980-83), on 29 March 2014

Mr Arthur Hill MBE, on 9 February 2014

Mrs Lilias Fowler, wife of Dennis Fowler, on 8 March 2014

Mr Geoffrey (Geoff) Scullard OBE, a former Counsellor in the FCO, on 15 March 2014

Mr Peter Hurden, on 15 March 2014

Mr William Symington OBE, a former Consul Innsbruck (1977-80), on 10 March

Lady (Lucile) Gillmore, widow of the Late Lord Gillmore, on 8 March 2014

Sir Richard Best KCVO, CBE, a former Ambassador and Consul-General to Reykjavik, 1989, on 7 March 2014

Sir Samuel (Sam) Falle KCVO, CMG, a former High Commissioner to Singapore (1970), on 20 February 2014

Mr Peter Gautrey CVO, CMG, on 7 February 2014

Miss Eleanor Eagles, a former Executive Officer, on 27 February 2014

Mr Andrew Stuart CMG, a former Ambassador to Finland from 1980-83, on 27 January 2014

Mr James (Jimmy) Jamieson OBE, a former UK Deputy Representative to the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 1989-1994, on 11 February 2014

Miss Elizabeth Wilcox, OBE on 22 February 2014

Lord Moran KCMG (a former HC to Canada 1981-84) on 14 February

Mrs Jane Lea, on 29 January 2014

Mr Peter Davies, on 25 January 2014

Mrs Ana Julie Hyde, wife of Richard Hyde OBE, on 17 January 2014

Mr Ilid Evans, on 18 January 2014

Sir Nicholas Browne KBE CMG, a former Ambassador to Denmark from 2003-2006 on 13 January 2014

Mr Gerry England, a former FCO Contractor, on 5 January 2014

Mr Ian Mackley, CMG CVO, a former High Commissioner to Ghana, on 2 January 2014

Miss Joyce (Joy) Rawlinson, on 26 December 2013

Mr Bruce Strachan, on 26 December 2013

Miss Betty Smith, on 26 December 2013

Mr Roy Fox OBE CMG, a former Consul-General to Houston, on 20 December 2013

Lady (Ulla) Ratford, on 22 December 2013

Sir Michael Butler GCMG, former Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the EU, Brussels,1979-85, on 24 December 2013

Mrs Margaret (Maggie) Veriod, on 31 October 2013       

Mr Alan Brook-Turner CMG, a former Ambassador to Finland, 1983-85, on 5 October 2013

Mr Richard Fyjis-Walker, CMG CVO, a former Ambassador to Pakistan, 1984-87, on 17 September 2013

Mr Robert Leslie (Les) Blackett, on 19 October 2013

Sir Humphrey Maud KCMG, a former Ambassador to the Argentine Republic (1990-93), on 10 November 2013

Sir John Whitehead GCMG CVO, a former Ambassador to Japan (1986-92) on 8 November 2013

Mrs Christine Williams (wife of Barry Williams), on 20 October 2013

Mr Michael Price LVO, on 22 October 2013, a former High Commissioner to Fiji

Mr Mike Cross, on 26 October 2013

Mr Antony Hughes, on 15 October 2013

Mrs Wendy Le Tissier, on 22 August 2013

Mr Anthony (Tony) Joy, on 14 August 2013

Mr Alf Robertson MBE, on 22 August 2013

Lady (Ann) Hibbert, widow of Sir Reginald Hibbert on 6 August 2013

Sir Ian Sinclair KCMG, a former Legal Adviser (76-84) on 8 July 2013

Lady (Barbara) Sinclair, wife of Sir Ian Sinclair, on 30 May 2013 

Sir Kenneth James KCMG, a former Ambassador to Mexico City, on 19 July 2013

Miss Patricia Gale, on 7 July 2013

Mrs Barbara Unthank, on 23 June 2013

Miss Sue Wagstaff, on 10 July 2013

Lady (Rosa) Carless, wife of the Late Sir Hugh Carless, on 28 June 2013

Dr A J (Tony) Haines, a former Principal Medical Adviser to the FCO, in June 2013

Sir James Bottomley KCMG, a former Permanent UK Representative to Geneva (1976-78) on5 June 2013

Sir Michael Jenkins KCMG, a former Ambassador to the Netherlands (1988) on 31 March 2013

Mr Clive Thompson, on 16 May 2013

Mr John Mathieson, on 2 February 2013

Mr Jim Sorrie (husband of June Sorrie), on 14 May 2013

Miss Elizabeth (Liz) Park, on 27 April 2013

Mr Stephen Miles CMG, formerly High Commissioner to Dacca 1978-80, on 26 April

Sir Guy Millard KCMG CVO, formerly Ambassador to Italy 1973 - 1976

Lady (Judith) Marshall, wife of Sir Peter Marshall, on 12th April 2013

Ms Rowena Vining OBE, a former DHM at Strasbourg, on 17 April 2013

Mr John Willson CMG, formerly HC in Zambia, 1988-1990, in April 2013 (date unknown)

Mr Robert (Bob) Calder, on 1 March 2013

Miss Winifred McLaren MBE on 24 December 2012

Mr Peter Wilkie on 13 January 2013

Mr Eric (Ric) Ellam on 7 January 2013

Mr John Lacey on 21 January 2013

Mrs Pearl Carter (wife of Mr FG (Nick) Carter on 20 December 2012

Mr Alan Wolstenholme on 18 December 2012

Lady (Beth) Brown (wife of Sir Mervyn Brown) on 3 January 2013

 Miss Sylvia Todd on 4 December 2012

Mr Malcolm (JMJ) Collard on 19 October 2012

Mr Michael Morgan CMG on 4 December 2012

Mr Keith Haskell CMG CVO, a former Ambassador to Brazil (1990-95), on 28 November 2012

Sir Rex Hunt CMG, a former Governor of the Falkland Islands, (1982-85), on 11 November 2012

Miss Clare Murray MBE, on 1 November 2012

Mrs Rhoda Dow, on 19 August 2012

Mr Ian Buist, on 19 October 2012

Sir John Moreton KCMG KCVO, on 11 October 2012

David Burns CMG CBE, Founder Chairman of the FCOA and a former Ambassador to Finland, on 5 October 2012

Mr Denzil Taylor, 30 July 2012

Mrs Suzanne Ault, on 15 September 2012

Ms Hilary La Fontaine MBE, on 24 September 2012

Mr Don Brown CBE, on 4 September 2012

Sir Richard Evans, KCMG, KCVO, a former Ambassador to China, on 24 August 2012

Mr Richard Samuel, CMG CVO, a former Ambassador to Latvia, on 1 September 2012

Ms June Rosamund Ramsay, MBE on 15 August 2012

Mr John Vernon Wild, CMG OBE, on 21 July 2012

Mrs Sally Ingram, on 13 August 2012

Mr Tony Bishop, CMG OBE, a former Senior Russian Interpreter, on 3 August 2012

Mr Terry Empson on 15 July 2012

Miss Joan Gardner MBE on 20 February 2012

Mr Colin Gregg, on 4 April 2012

Mr Ray Dalton, on 2 July 2012

Sir John Morgan KCMG a former Ambassador to Mexico - 24 June 2012

Miss Agnes Humphrey MBE on 19 May 2012

Mr Arthur (Stan) Caine in early June 2012

Rt Hon Sir Michael Palliser, GCMG, PC a former PUS and Head of the Diplomatic Service - 19 June 2012

Mr W (Bill) Swann OBE on 7 April, 2012

Mr John Dyson MVO in October 2011

Mr Arthur Ivan Rickards on 1 September 2011

Mr Desmond O'Mahony OBE on 4 May 2012

Mr Derrick Burden on 8 April 2012

Mrs Maggie Cleaver (nee McGlone) on 31 March 2012

Mr Archibald Mackenzie CBE on 15 April 2012

Mrs Margaret Coles (nee Labram) on 13 April 2012

Mr Chris Rundle OBE on 24 March 2012

Mr Douglas McIntyre on 14 March 2012

Miss Margaret Annand MBE on 10 March 2012

Mrs Sue Hefford (wife of Brian) on 9 March 2012

Mrs Margaret Lowe date unknown

Lady Patricia Gore-Booth, widow of the late Lord Paul Gore-Booth, on 2 February

Mrs Marjorie Taylor (née Foster) on 24 January 2012

Mrs Lorna Guckian on 23 January 2012

Mr Cyril Newey on 18th January 2012

Mr John Powell-Jones CMG, a former Ambassador to Switzerland, on 13 January 2012

Mr James Bourn on 3 January 2012

Mr Hugh Carless CMG, a former Ambassador to Venezuela, 1982-85, on 20 December 2011

Mr Eddie Ripley OBE on 18 December 2011

Miss Joyce Page on 10 November 2011

Mr Graham Shaw, husband of Lyn, recently.

David Hawkes MBE JP on 20 September 2011

Mrs Anne Jackson on 10 September 2011

Sir Hilary Synnott, KCMG; a former Ambassador to Pakistan 8 September 2011

Mr Brian Bushell CBE on 6 September 2011

Mr Howard Spurr on 4th September 2011

Peggy Eileen Lambe OBE on 6th August 2011

Mr John Brownridge MVO MBE on 4 August 2011

Mr John Illman CMG on 4 August 2011

Mr Jack (John) Brown on 3 August 2011

Mr Eric Smith CMG on 29 July 2011

Mr Victor Day MBE, on 8 July 2011

Dr T Frank Brenchley CMG on 7 July, aged 93. Dr Brenchley was Ambassador to Norway and Poland.

Miss Jean Gault MBE on 6 July 2011

Mr D B Evans on 4 July 2011

Mrs Rosalind Pridham in June 2011

Sir Stephen Olver KBE CMG, a former HC to Cyprus (1973-75) on 22 June 2011

Mr Douglas Gray on 16 June 2011, a former D6 in the FCO

Mr Mike Holden on 14 June 2011

Sir John Wilton, KCMG, KCVO, MC, a former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia on 12 June 2011

Lady (Jessica) Shepherd on 9 June 2011

Lady (Christine) Lamb, wife of Sir Archie Lamb, a former Ambassador to Norway on 28 May 2011

Mrs Marion Harrison on 28 May 2011

Miss Fay Morrison on 10 May 2011

Miss Celia Wood on 13 May 2011

Mr Kenna (Ken) Gallagher CMG a former Ambassador to OECD on 19 April 2011

Mr Peter F Newman on 8 March 2011

Miss Mary Elizabeth Hunt on 6 March 2011

Miss Fay Dickinson on 20 April 2011

Mrs Marlene Morgan on 22 April 2011

Miss Heather Harrison on 26 April 2011

Mr Allan Butler on 2 May 2011

Mrs Joyce Ellis on 27 February 2011


Page Updated on 5 May 2015

Note: we include details of the last post where an officer served when these are available, but we do not have the facility to research the details ourselves.